Operable Wall Systems




  •  AEC has been family owned and operated for 50+ years
  •  AEC utilizes quality materials and advanced production methods
  •  AEC promotes field sound testing to verify job-site performance
  •  AEC produces products with measurable performance - Physical load testing & field sound testing
  •  AEC provides long-term warranties on panels and tracks
  •  AEC provides a panel refurbishment program that results in an as-new warranty on the rebuilt panels
  •  AEC will provide custom panels and features to meet the architect’s/designer’s needs
  •  AEC produces exceptionally large electrically operated walls
  •  AEC provides state-of-the-art control systems on electrically operated walls and closure systems
  •  AEC provides walls to separate interior spaces from exterior spaces that are capable of withstanding wind, weather and seismic loads
  •  AEC produces a product that is easy and inexpensive to recycle.

Since inception in 1957, ADVANCED EQUIPMENT CORPORATION has been family owned and operated.  The firm has been guided by the founder’s philosophy of producing durable, user-friendly operable walls that effectively reduce sound transmission between adjacent spaces.  Inherent in this goal is to make the product available at a competitive price. 

To remain competitive, AEC has made significant investments in technology, equipment and production methods rather than compromise the quality of the product with inferior or inappropriate materials.  Products are submitted to rigorous physical testing to verify strength thus insuring a long service life.  As a family owned company, product quality and durability reflects directly on the reputation of the owner and for that reason will not be compromised.

Quality materials and advanced production methods employed by an experienced staff has produced the ALPHA series of welded steel panels.  Computer controlled inert gas welding coupled with heavy gauge prime steel sheet and frame members produces a panel with superior strength and durability as well as excellent noise stopping ability.  Welded steel construction allows for the fabrication of panels to widths of 60” and heights exceeding 45 ft.  Unique joints allow for field joining of smaller panel elements to create large folding, rotating, sliding or vertical lifting single panel elements.

When sound separation is critical, AEC recommends field sound testing of the operable wall after installation to insure it meets the specified NIC (noise isolation class) whereas other manufacturers will put emphasis on laboratory testing of its product (STC- Sound Transmission Class).  AEC is of the firm belief that its clients should be paying for sound separation at its facility and not for controlled and possibly manipulated results generated in a laboratory.

The ALPHA panels are furnished with 10 and 20 year limited warranties but can reasonably be expected to last the life of the building.  There are several facilities currently using ALPHA panels that were installed over 30-years ago.  ALPHA panels can be returned to AEC’s plant for complete refurbishment and will be re-installed with an as-new warranty.

AEC will custom-fabricate panels to meet the architect’s/designer’s needs, both in appearance and operation.  Unique to AEC is the ability to produce curved walls wherein both track and panels are curved. Some curved wall designs can be electrically operated.  AEC also produces tube steel and glass panels (IMAGE) for interior or interior/exterior application.  Panels of this design are available in heights to 25 ft and widths exceeding 10 ft.  Intermediate frame members in these tube steel panels can be curvilinear.
Electrically operated walls are the most efficient and cost effective method to close large openings.   AEC produces electrically operated walls to heights exceed 40 ft and openings as large as 400 ft.  Operating at a typical speed of 24 ft per minute, one man can set a large wall in a few minutes.  The labor savings when compared to manual operation by a team of men will be significant.  Other benefits include enhanced security and reduced wall maintenance costs.  AEC’s  electrically operated “VISION” is a sophisticated operable wall wherein panels are stored side by side and parallel to the axis of the opening width.  When activated the panels travel at different speeds so as to arrive fully opened or closed simultaneously.  Programmable drives and microprocessor control acceleration and deceleration and panel location.  When in position all panels surfaces are in one plane and coplanar with adjacent room walls.

For several decades, AEC has provided operable walls to close building openings exposed to the building exterior.  Separating interior spaces from exterior exposure subjects the operable wall to wind and weather.  Panel construction materials and methods must be water resistant and durable.  ALPHA series and IMAGE panels are ideal for such situations. 

As a California manufacturer, AEC is particularly concerned about seismic loads.  Current building codes address only the connection of the track to the building structure.  AEC has performed physical testing to verify that an assembly of hanger rod/track bracket/track/trolley/pendant bolt/panel is of sufficient strength to resist anticipated seismic loads. 

Steel and aluminum are well suited for recycling.  Considering that welded steel panels from AEC use only steel and aluminum without gypsum board as is typical with other operable wall products, these panels are easily returned to the material supply system as salvage with little or no cost to the owner.